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Al-Adham Exchange

works within Syria and includes the activities of all actions that are related to money exchange companies or assigned to it by the Central Bank of Syria

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Money Exchange

Buy foreign currency / exchange foreign currency coins
Selling foreign exchange for certain cases according to the circular of the Central Bank of Syria No. 2135 on 25/8/2016.


Issued: through banks – commercial – personal
Incoming in Syrian Pounds: (Delivery via Operating Banks – Commercial - Personal)

Special remittances delivered in dollars

Consular drawing
Payment of cash service allowance
University fees
Remittances above $ 5000 customers can choose to receive a dollar or Syrian pounds.

Board of Directors

Imad H. Kantakji

Chairman of the Board

Omar H. Kantakji

First Vice Chairman

Mahmoud H. Kantakji

Second Vice Chairman

Fatima Abdo Trabelsia


Huda Emad H. Kantakji


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Damascus May 29th Street +963 11 3320055 +963 11 2326860 info@aladham-exchange.com.sy